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Cereal is a general word for starchy grains. Cereal grasses are the first phase of growth.

Barley grass powder, wheatgrass powder, and alfalfa powder are powerful and concentrated green superfoods.

They are not to be mixed up with  the actual grain or breakfast cereals.

So what exactly are cereal grasses?

One dictionary definition of cereal it this:

“A grass producing a cereal grain, grown as an agricultural crop”.

To simplify, the cereal grain begins as a seed. The beginning stage of maturity IS a grass.

These delicate powerhouses, pave the way for the starchier grain, unless harvested at that early stage of development.

As growth continues, they become the grains most of us are familiar with, like wheat or barley.

In the “grass” phase, grains are very high in chlorophyll. That bright and beautiful green color, is the synthesis of Sunlight!

Grasses vs. grains

As the grasses grow, they form a grain, that can be cooked or floured.

But in the “grass” phase, they cannot be used for this purpose. They are similar to this photo – they are actually grass.

Some examples of cereal grasses include:

  • barley grass
  • oat grass
  • wheat grass
  • alfalfa


They contain higher amounts of micro-nutrition in this phase.

  • vitamins
  • organic minerals
  • phyto-nutrients
  • chlorophyll
  • and enzymes


When they are powdered as a supplement, they are green in color and have a very concentrated nutritional value in one scoop

In the grass stage, grains are also, much higher in nutritional value.

Benefits of cereal grasses

Cereal grass are highly absorbable, concentrated nutrition. These nutrients, are building blocks for our cellular growth and repair.

Because of the high nutrition, they can help

  • increase and sustain energy naturally, because they give cells the nutrients they need
  • to improve skin. Many nutrients never reach the skin because the daily amounts are too low. The vital organs take them first.
  • increase the alkalinity of body tissue (slightly alkaline is normal for health)
  • feed the immune system. The immune system, like all other systems, needs nutrition, and often doesn’t get it.
  • add to vitality and general heath
  • reduce sugar cravings (because the cells receive what they need)
  • with weight loss, because cellular nutrition can reduce cravings.



Cereal grasses can help to detoxify the body tissue, because of Reveiw of Amazing Grassesthe chlorophyll and nutrient value.

Also, they can help alkalize the body tissue, which is natural to general health and vitality. Our tissue need to be slightly alkaline or we become a breeding ground for pathogens.

  • Detoxification is a natural and important bodily function. Metabolism itself, creates toxins. 

Then, lets add processed foods, chemicals in the water, and waste in the air. IN A FLASH, we are overloaded.  

We need all the help we can get to keep our body clean, healthy and vibrant!


Cereal grasses are high in antioxidants which are natural to concentrated whole foods.

For instance, Barley grass is know to contain a high level of enzyme SOD (superoxide dismutase), which is an important antioxidant that may protect us from cancer.

This is because antioxidants are known to scavenge free radicals which can damage the cells.

Wikipedia, states, “Antioxidants are an important defense in nearly all cells ,exposed to oxygen”.

What do cereal grasses provide?

Cereal grasses are amazing green foods that contain highly absorbable super-nutrition. A few important nutrients include

  • vitamin C
  • beta-carotene
  • B-vitamins, including B12
  • calcium
  • micro-minerals
  • amino acids
  • chlorophyll

Get a variety

I have talked about this before, that each food in Nature provides different nutrition, even if they are similar.

Amazing Grasses Trio provides vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytonutrients, that are necessary to slow aging, and protect us from disease. They are whole foods put together by Nature!

Eating an array of high nutrient foods and superfood supplements, allows Nature to do its extraordinary work for our health.

Amazing Grasses Trio

This wonderful Superfood powder, contains 3 cereal grass superstars!

  • alfalfa
  • wheat-grass
  • and barley grass powders.


This superfood does not contain fillers or synthetic ingredients. This company is highly reputable and dedicated, to organic whole food nutrition.

This combination is potent and powerful. Any one of them is great. But there is nothing like variety, that is why I live this combination.

How to add The Amazing Trio to your day

This powerful blend of powdered cereal greens, will enhance breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack time.

This combination does Mother Nature justice, because they are whole foods, providing a variety of nutrition in one scoop.

The taste is mild, but may not be pleasant for everyone.

Try it in water, juice, and smoothies. If you are on the run, mix it with bottled juice.

NOTE: There is little nutrition and a lot of sugar, in bottled juice. But, in my experience, it is best to find a tasty way to take supplements. If we don’t, we wont continue to take them.  


My favorite smoothies contain frozen pineapple, fresh apples and an orange, in a blender. Then I drink it with a straw. Experimentation is the best teacher.

Play! Have fun!

Add more nutrition to this smoothie

Enjoy smoothies pumped up with Super Seed or Chia seed. Click to read more about them here on the blog.

They are awesome to add both high nutrition and fiber!  

Note how you feel

Although these nutritious foods can enhance health and energy, you may have some detox reactions at first, such as fatigue — SO start slow.

I always wish you the very best of health! Mary Keaton

Please leave a comment below, I would love to hear how you are doing!

Always check with your Dr. when changing your nutritional habits.


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