What are Chia Seeds?

Chia seed is a superfood fiber

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Chia Seeds are tiny, hardy, nutrient dense, seeds. These little gems are high in fiber and protein and are easily absorbed when soaked or placed in a blender.

They are packed full of nutrients in just a couple of scoops, including 3 grams of protein!

That is rare for a high fiber food. For instance, meat has protein, but no fiber.

Why haven’t I heard of Chia Seeds before?

Chia has taken a back seat to many modern grains and fibers that have been more easily accessible.

As the world seems to get “smaller”, this remarkable Superhero has resurfaced. It can be purchased easily as a supplement now.

Where do Chia Seeds come from?

Chia Seeds come from the flowers of a small plants that are part of the mint family. Chia can be found around the world, but is considered a food indigenous to Mexico and Peru.

Chia dates way back, to the ancient civilizations of Aztecs and Incas.

The Ancients knew the powerful health benefits of these little gems. They enjoyed the awesome increase, in health and stamina! They knew, to look to Nature, for their youthfulness and vitality.

What does Chia contain?

These tiny jewels are packed with:

  • 3 grams of protein per scoop.

A plant source of highly absorbable protein. Protein is needed for healing and repair.

  • 5 grams per tbs. of fiber.

The daily recommended dose of fiber is between 25 and 35 grams per day. Fiber is imperative for colon health.

  • essential fatty acids (EFA’s).

Essential, because our body does not produce them. We must get them from our diet. They are important for heart health, vision, skin and brain function.

  • calcium, which is more easily absorbed from whole foods than supplements.

Important for bones, teeth, muscles and heart function.

  • trace minerals, which must come from our diet.

They are involved in all the systems, and system reactions, in our bodies.

  • B vitamins, which are needed by the nervous system and lost with processing.


How can Chia Seeds benefit you?

These ancient tribes knew the immense value of increased stamina and endurance, from these amazing  little seeds.

Chia is so packed with nutrition, it can help increase:

  • energy
  • stamina
  • virility
  • general nutrition
  • overall endurance
  • higher endurance with exercise


What makes Chia important for your overall health?

These tiny seeds are a whole food. They ARE not a supplement or an extract.

That is important because it means that all the vital nutrients are intact, just as Nature intended. The body recognizes them as a food which increases absorption.

Chia Seeds can help with weight loss and food cravings

Chia helps to decrease hunger because fiber is denser and takes up more space. But it is more than that. It is full of nutrition that the body is looking for.

Because of the high nutrient value, the brain sends a signal that it is satisfied. 

  • This is not so with processed and denatured foods. In fact, processed food increases cravings! If the body doesn’t get the nutrition that it needs, it will continually signal hunger.


How to take Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds are hard, little seeds that need to be soaked for a couple of minutes before eating, to release their precious nutrition. The hard outer shell protects its vital nutrients, so they can stay fresher longer, and that is important.

They become a gel, with a slimy consistency of tapioca when soaked. Although they have no taste to speak of, the consistency is difficult to take alone, at least it is for me.

Here are some tips.

  • Make a superfood smoothie. Add fruit or sweet vegetables, and a scoop of a potent green powder. Blend and drink with a straw. 
  • You can also add to yogurt, I have a friend that loves that.
  • Oatmeal is another great option.


All Superfoods and fiber products have different attributes and benefits

Add them slowly, if fiber and superfoods are new to you. They might cause some gas at first. Don’t give up, just take less as you begin.

I always wish you the very best of health! Mary Keaton

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Disclaimer: Always check with your Dr. before starting a new dietary program or supplement


The Many Benefits of Chia Seed! — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve been eating Chia seeds for about four years but I never knew they supplied calcium. I soak them overnight with oatmeal and almonds, then add berries and unsweetened almond milk in the morning. Ever since I started to eat them, I don’t get colds. Never!

    Thanks for the read.

    • That is fantastic, Wendy! I love the recipe. I will start that myself.

      It sounds delicious! And you don’t get colds. That is amazing!

      This is a very healthy breakfast, and without the heating, it retains all the nutrition. I cant wait to try it!

      Thank you so much for connecting! All the best, Mary

  2. After reading your article on chia seeds I am considering to add them to my daily diet.
    Especially that I can get fiber and essential fatty acids from it.

    Chia seeds are packed with nutrition and the good thing that you pointed out, is that we can consume it whole, just like our mother nature intended us to do. Thank you for providing valuable information on chia seeds. It is going on my grocery list.

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