What is Super Seed Powder by Garden of Life?

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This is not just a fiber supplement, it is a NUTRITIONAL SUPER!

Why? Superseed is sold as a fiber supplement, packed nutrient dense Superfoods!
This amazing supplement goes far beyond fiber, and it says it on the front of the jar!

Super Seed’s health benefits far surpass any other fiber supplement I have seen. Fiber is so important to colon health, and it isn’t always easy to take several supplements in a day.

Fiber supplements are generally, just fiber, such as psyllium or bran. They are indigestible, and are meant to assist with elimination.

They provide soluble fiber (bulking), and insoluble fiber (moves waste through) But, they don’t provide micro-nutrition which feeds the body at a cellular level, even the colon.

I am not knocking them, they are great additions. But they have a specific function.

  • Super Seed is a powerful whole food blend


The body must have adequate micro-nutrition in order to heal and thrive.

What does Super Seed contain?

  • A whole food blend of seeds, sprouted grains and legumes (sprouting increases protein and nutrient value) 
  • 6 grams of fiber per scoop – both soluble and insoluble fiber (both are needed for colon health)
  • 6 grams of protein from plant sources (that is unheard of, in a fiber supplement)
  • contains chia seed (a high fiber superfood)
  • flax seed (high in fiber and essential fatty acids)
  • and probiotics (critical for the proper balance of gut flora)
    Any whole food supplement containing dense nutrition, is a boost to immunity and overall health. But most do not provide an significant amount of fiber.

Compare with a heaping tablespoon of psyllium  or bran

The fiber is about half in Super Seed. Don’t let that detour you. Why I love this product so much, is that it also contains:

  • significant amount of healthy, absorbable, PLANT protein
  • essential fatty acids (healthy fats are missing form the processed diet)
  • and vitamins and minerals that feeds the colon terrain

About 70% of our immunity is in the colon. We need a healthy colon to combat pathogens and help protect us from disease.

This product also helps to feed good bacteria and minimize bad bacteria in the colon.

Super Seed is pure and clean 

It does not contain:

  • fillers (just real whole food)
  • artificial colors sweeteners or preservatives. It only uses stevia (a naturally sweet plant) and organic cinnamon for flavoring)

It Does contain:

  • soluble and insoluble fiber. Both are needed for good elimination and colon health. 

My thoughts

To create such a wholesome and unadulterated fiber product, containing protein and micro-nutrition, is ingenious–AND DEDICATED! And, in my opinion, it tastes good in plain water.

So, how much fiber do we need?

This varies with opinion. Generally, the recommended amount or fiber is from 25 to 30 grams a day. 

I found a site called the “National fiber counsel ” (who knew there was such a thing).

They say 32 grams of fiber is the minimum amount each day. That is a pretty average estimate.
They said that the modern diet gets 10-15 grams per day.  

I think this estimate. is a bit high for the modern diet. Even raw fruits and vegetables don’t provide as much as you might  think


Also, processing food, changes the nutritional value.The original food might have the nutrition, while the processed version, does not.

Colon cancer is on the rise. It is the third most diagnosis cancer in the US and Canada.

Super Seed is a wholesome and healthy addition to your day 

Personally I love it. I like the taste in just water.  But you can use some sweet fruit or vegetables, and mix in a blender. Also nut milks are fun!

Important Note: Follow it with another glass of water. The fiber works best if there is plenty of fluid to immediately absorb.

How much should I  take?

Start with a half a scoop, or even less. Real food fiber, like Super seed, can cause some gas initially, while it is cleaning up old, nasty debris. 

Start slow. This is a good idea with any new food supplement. Your colon may react to the bulking. And their may be a fight between the good and bad bacteria (basically a cleansing reaction).

Can I take other fiber products too?

Sure, absolutely. but check with your Dr. or nutritionist. You don’t want to give up because of some initial cleansing reaction. It is often good to have support.

So click on the image above, and go to amazon and read the reviews. Try it, and let me know what you think.

I always wish you the best of health! Mary Keaton

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Disclaimer: Always check with your Dr. before starting any new dietary or health program.


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