What is Raw Meal?

Review of Raw Meal by Garden of life. A superfood

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In my opinion, Raw Meal is the ultimate high protein, Superfood supplement, and occasional meal replacement!

Raw Meal, is a unique because it contains significant amounts of protein in one scoop, and it  is packed full of superfood nutrition!

 The protein source is all plant based. Therefore, it is easily absorbed. The mico-elements in the combination, nourish the body at a cellular level.

  • It is a great recipe for vibrant health!

This product is RAW, VEGAN and Organic!

It is packed full of the nutrients we need daily.

  • vitamins,
  • minerals
  • fatty acid
  • probiotics
  • and enzymes

This product is ALL food—no filers and no surprises![/stextbox]

Why is it called Raw Meal?

Raw Meal is so named, because it is designed as an occasional meal replacement.

It also provides a hefty amount of protein from sprouts. Most Superfood supplements don’t.

Raw Meal  contains 34 grams of protein in a 2 scoop serving! That is amazing, considering that it is also a superfood combination.

I usually use just one scoop. But That us still 17 grams of protein.

It is made from organic:

  • sprouts
  • micro-algae
  • cereal grasses
  • fruits
  • and fibers (from Chia, flax and pumpkin seeds)


It is full of micro-nutrients that occur naturally in these foods, and can help increase energy and boost immunity. An immense amount of nutrition is provided in just a scoop or two!

It also contains antioxidants and chlorophyll, which are  necessary for:

  • strong immunity
  • healthy blood 
  • and steady energy


Why whole foods and spouts?

Whole foods are best because nutrients are specifically combined in Nature. They work together in ways we don’t understand.

This is an unusual whole food supplement, because of the protein value. And the protein is from spouts and superfoods!

It does not contain soy or dairy, like most protein supplements.

When foods are sprouted, there is an increase in the basic food value AND protein

Sprouts are high in protein by their very nature, but to get enough of them you would have to eat several cups.

Whole food nutrition and weight loss

This is not to be confused with restrictive weight loss diets.

You know the ones. They ask you to skip REAL meals and drink diet shakes instead of eating a balanced diet. You can often feel deprived and give up on it.

When our bodies are provided with “real nutrition”, it satisfies hunger on a cellular level. This helps to reduce cravings, because our brain signals our body that it is satisfied.

BUT when we continually eat processed food, refined sugars and flours, that do not contain these precious micro-nutrients, the body continually creates hunger and craving.

The brain does not signal satisfaction because the cells are starving, they are empty calories.

Note:  What I stated above has been proven by science. But I write it from experience.

The brain wants more REAL food and wont give up until it gets it! This continuous cycle of eating de-natured foods can cause:

  • fatigue
  • cravings
  • irritability
  • and weight gain


As it says on the jar “ Raw Meal supports healthy weight loss when used in place of a meal, as part of a healthy diet plan”.

It does NOT take the place of all your food intake. The body needs a variety of food and so does our palate!

Nourishment is not dependent on the amount of food. It is dependent on the absorption of  nutrition.

Raw Meal contains

  • vitamins and minerals (needed by all cells)
  • trace minerals (needed for cellular function)
  • phyto-nutrients (vital for the immune system)
  • essential fatty acids (for cell repair and healthy cholesterol)
  • a natural blend of enzymes (essential for digestion and destroyed by cooking)
  • fiber (essential for elimination)
  • stevia (a natural sweetener)


The many uses of Raw Meal

If you are a “Meal Skipper”, this is a great addition. This works great in the morning for breakfast “skippers” (like me).

Raw Meal can really give you a boost, because it provides both protein and micro-nutrients.

Here are some other great uses for Raw Meal

  • If you are busy and on the run
  • If you crave food in between meals. It is so absorbable and full of nutrients, it is better than most snacks available.
  • If you tend to skip meals at work
  • Take before a meal, to curb the appetite
  • Use it as a daily health supplement


Carry it in a shaker cup to make it convenient any time.

No product is created to take the place a balanced diet. It is meant to add to it.

About the company

Garden of Life (click to read my review) is a company that was founded by Jordan Rubin because of a longstanding illness that almost took his young life.

This company is known for it’s high quality, profound integrity and outstanding dedication, to promoting vibrant health.

How to take Raw Meal

The good news is that this has a very mild taste (I just mix it with water). Start with one scoop or even half, if you are new to concentrated nutrition. It comes in both vanilla and chocolate.  

  • Mix it with water or juice. Shake or blend it because it can clump. It is important to make it tasty, or you may not want to stick with it.
  • Blend with almonds or any nuts of your choice (soaked, raw nuts are best).
  • Mix with almond or coconut milk.
  • Mix with some fresh or frozen fruit and make a smoothie.

Also, try drinking it with a straw.

You can also make a “full on” SuperFood smoothie! How?

Add a scoop of Chia Seed and Perfect Food, to fruits and vegetables and blend. Enjoy the variety of healing nutrition! Experiment.

Where to purchase Raw Meal

You can click on the image above and read reviews, purchase or check out other flavors.

I always wish you the very best of health! Mary Keaton

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Disclaimer: Always check with your Dr. before starting a new dietary program or supplement.


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