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Perfect FoodSuper Green Formula

Hello, Mary Keaton here.

This is my review of Perfect Food, an extremely high quality superfood combination. I use this product and would like to share its value with you.  

We must have sufficient micro-nutrition, in order to feed and regenerate every cell of our body. This wonderful Green powder Superfood combination, comes to the rescue!

The body does produces some vitamins. But, most micro-nutrition (like vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients), are needed from the food we eat.

  • If the cells are not fed with the proper nutrients, they deteriorate.

This amazing Superfood powder combo, provides the highest quality plant source, of dense nutrition that I know of.

I use it regularly. I do try others (because I love variety) but I always have this on hand. This amazing combination knows what the body craves.

Perfect food is minimally processed, so it retains the magnificent properties of whole food, straight from Nature.

So what’s in it for you?

Enjoy wonderful benefits, such as:

  • healthier, more youthful, skin
  • improved immunity
  • and steady energy
  • and reduced cravings

Perfect food contains an array of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, from a wide variety of foods.

This amazing green combination contains the following.

  • cereal grasses
  • micro-algae
  • vegetables, fruit
  • sprouts (spouting maximizes nutritional value)
  • and probiotics – (so important for healthy elimination and immunity).

When all is said and done, your body is superchared at a cellular level!

Personally, I can feel the increased, steady energy, that can last all day. Try it for yourself.

It is designed by one of the highest quality, and highest integrity companies in existence today, Garden of Life! 

Feeding the cells is essential to vibrant heath and vitality. Perfect Food delivers, because it is concentrated nutrition.
How can Perfect Food benefit your health?

Perfect Food is a, very GREEN, nutrient dense Superfood. Green is Life. It nourishes our bodies with synthesized sunlight! It is rich in:

  • beta-carotene – feeds the eyes and skin
  • vitamin C – feeds skin, connective tissue and boosts immunity
  • calcium – needed for strong bones and cartilage
  • potassium – necessary for a healthy heart
  • essential fatty acids – needed by the skin and glands for peak function
  • probiotics – important for intestinal health (and sorely lacking in the modern diet)
  • chlorophyll – feeds blood, detoxifies and boosts the immune system
  • contains mico-minerals, that feed and strengthen every system of our body, including immunity.

This combination, increases nutrition to all the cells, which is imperative for overall health and energy.

Perfect Food, truly takes its place in the spot light as a Superhero of dietary health!

Other health giving benefits include:

  • vitamins and minerals – processed out of our modern diet
  • may help balance blood sugar
  • can assist with weight loss, by reducing cravings
  • helps to maintain overall tissue alkalinity (very important for overall health)
  • may help the body detoxify heavy metals and other toxins
  • enriches and feeds the blood


How to take Perfect food?

It doesn’t have a pleasant taste on its own (in my opinion). I usually mix it with fruit and green vegetables in the blender. But you can just mix with water and drink. I have done this many times, when I am in a hurry.

Pineapple, mango, apples, berries and pears are all great ideas. Use frozen fruit if you have it in hand.

Cucumber, parsley and lettuce are great additions. They add to the green nutrition, and cut the sweetness of the fruit..

Also, try cacao, sweetened with honey or stevia. It is great for chocolate lovers.  

My favorite is cacao (raw chocolate) , 2 apples, some pineapple and a green vegetable. Vary it and play!

I find it is easiest to drink with a straw. No Kidding!

SO, get some for yourself. Click on the image at the top, and check out the reviews on Amazon.

Let me know how you like it.


If you liked this review, please comment below. I really want to hear from you!

I wish you the best of health!




Discover Youthful Energy With “Perfect Food” by Garden of Life! — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the valuable info.
    I sent a link to this page to my mother because her doctor suggested to her consume “Energy food” and she loved this Super Green Formula.
    Thanks for the help.

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