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Discover one of the highest quality green powder

This is an amazing Green Powder blends

Hi This is Mary Keaton.

I am writing this review from my personal experience with Sunburst Superfoods, the best company around, in my opinion.

I have considered myself very fortunate in finding this dedicated and unique company.

I am writing this review, so you can too!

Sunburst Superfoods excels in many areas

  • High quality Superfoods
  • An amazing variety of Superfood powders
  • Excellent customer service
  • Fantastic shipping prices
  • Dedication
  • A “Real People” personality

and much more. So, read on.

Awesome Quality

They offer organic, non-GMO, superfoods dried at low temperatures.

Low temperatures are important to preserve the highest amounts of nutrients.

But proof is in the experience. Do they deliver?

Emphatically “YES”!

I have found their products to be of the highest quality. How?

These powders consistently taste fresh. The color is vibrant.

And, the Superfoods do what they’re supposed to do. See below.

Personal Note:

I feel the energy!

I see my skin getting softer.

They help reduce my food and sugar cravings.

And my immune system continues to improve (I am around people that get sick quit often).

These are some reasons that make Superfoods so compelling.

But these results are not forthcoming, from low quality products. Many powders contain fillers that dilute the value.

High quality products – PROVE – themselves, with results!

Highly Dedicated

This company is growing. They are active and available. They now include a great blog.

Their emails are not just about sales and promotions, like most companies.

Yes, bargains are great, but we are on a health journey. Leading edge information is crucial. 

They are informative and detailed, with both their descriptions and blogs. 

This is not a mainstream company

In my opinion, they understand the critical necessity of high quality nutrition, and our healthy longevity.

Frankly, I thought it was too good to be true

The first product I bought was the Green combination superfood (see image above), and I was in love!

They have the highest quality maca, spirulina, beet root powder and chia seed products I have used. Click on them to read my blogs.

It is a great place to try unusual superfoods (like Amla) and learn about their importance to our health..

Sunburst Superfoods have been around for six years. The following is straight from their website, (and I totally believe it)

“We hope you find that our products meet your standards of excellence.

And that you will join the many tens of thousands of people, across the continent, who are striving for super health.”

They are Unique

They sell other brands as well, which is important and a sign of a great company..

They really seem to understand the profound importance of superfoods for health and vitality. I consider them a kindred spirit!


They package with lined bags, which is paper on the outside.

I thought this was strange at first, but found out that is has a very important purpose.

They pack all superfood powders in all natural bags. Each bag has a thin metal lining to keep it fresh.

This packaging blocks:

  • light
  • oxygen (which can cause loss in potency)
  • moisture
  • and bacteria


This keeps these amazing supplements, fresh and safe.


Their prices are amazing, especially for the incredible quality. They have several sizes to choose from, and will send samples!

Customer service

I have spoken to them more than once, sometimes, just to talk about the value of a powder.  

I always call a company before ordering, to make sure they are as dedicated. I have never been disappointed!


Free over $49. It’s easy to order that much, if you love using superfoods for vibrant energy and health.

Otherwise, the shipping is $5.99 flat fee, which is fantastic.

This company has “Personality”

I left this for last because it is totally subjective.

I can feel the vibrancy of this company.

It shows in all areas.

  • products
  • growth
  • website
  • blogs
  • emails
  • and a kindly and informed, customer service


This company feels very personal and caring. “Real humans” that care about our health and well-being.

I feel that they are REAL people, making a difference.

Check it out. Call customer service just to chat.

Feel it for yourself. Or click on the banner and shop.

Sunburst SuperfoodsConclusion

If you are looking for an innovative Superfood company with

  • a great knowledge base
  • continued free information
  • recipes
  • and great prices


you have just found it.

Yes, I am singing its praises like crazy, because this has truly been my experience.

You may want to start with their green powder combination (above). I am never without it.

This is my own personal experience, and it comes from the heart!

If you enjoyed this review, leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!

Best wishes, Mary Keaton


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