This is a comparison of the slow masticating juicer, in this case, the Omega NC800, and the fast speed centrifugal juicer.

Hi, This is Mary Keaton, and this review is based on my personal experience with both types of juicers, and some research.

The comparison can apply to many juicers in both categories.

With that said, lets dive in!!!

First, what is a Juicer?

When people refer to a juicer, they are USUALLY referring to a juice extractor.

This is a machine that extracts all the pulp from the fresh juicy produce.  A juicer (or juice extractor), produces juice from the raw plants, by removing the pulp (fiber).

Sometimes, people will call a high powered blender a juicer as well.

A  high powered blender,  blends the whole food into juice, keeping the pulp. It DOES need added water. Juice extractors are pure juice.

The fast speed centrifugal juicer

These are often what people tend to use most. It was what I used, up until about 3 years a ago.

1) They generally have a lower price-tag that the slow masticating  juicers,  A good one can run under $100.

2) Centrifugal juicers have fast spinning blades. They basically “eat” everything rather quickly.

Fruit, hard vegetables, greens–NO PROBLEM!!!!

3) The blades. spins at a whopping 1400 RPM (revolutions per minute). This can cause heat. It may compromise some of the nutrition. And the juice is usually room temperature.

Personal note: I had used this type of juicer for a couple of decades. The juice is not actual warm, but it is room temperature. That is significant, because the produce is cold to start with.
4) The the Juiceman Jr, (the centrifugal that I used for many years) has a larger feed hole that the omega.

That might seem great because it would be faster and less preparation. But, it can clog easily. I spent too much time, unclogging my juicer to get to the finished nectar!

5) It is also much more lightweight that the Omega, and it takes up less space on the counter.  It weighs about 8-9 pounds compared to the omega at about 13 pounds.

So far, they sound pretty great. Here are few CONS, and why I changed.

1) They are LOUD! It isn’t  fun to actually USE them.

2) They aren’t built as well, and it shows in the warranty. Usually 1-2 years. And mine never lasted more that 2-3 years. SO the investment is higher than  it seems.

3) I mentioned warm juice. I didn’t know juice COULD be cold. That is totally addictive with the Omega NC. And if you want to save juice in the refrigerator, (it is better to drink right away) the warmth, reduces the sustainable nutritional value.

4) They produce a lot of foam. This decreases the drinkable juice.

5) I also must mention, that these juicers are harder to clean.

The blade takes some scrubbing, and never gets very clean. Also, I always had a hard time with the pulp overflowing the container, and flying on to the walls maybe this was just me)..

The slow masticating juicer – The Omega NC800

This has become my new LOVE!

It is slower and revolves at about  is about 80RPMS.

It masticates the plant and doesn’t use any blades! It uses an auger. The process is a drilling motion that squeezes and presses the juice from the raw plant.

1) It is so quiet. Much quieter that the centrifugal. I find that it is easier to juice when it is quieter, because I am not in a hurry to turn it off!

2) They are very well built machines. They have a 15 year warranty to prove it.

It is heavier than a centrifugal and takes  up a bit more space on the counter.

3) The juice is  cold if the produce is cold! That just increases the JOY OF JUICING. It is so refreshing!

4) This juicer produces very little foam. That means more drinkable juice.

5) It is so easy to clean. The parts are easily removed and no blades to scrub.yes. There is a small mesh area to scrub, but it come with an easy to use brush.

6) It is said to produces more juice because it takes it time to press and squeeze the juice out, plus there is less foam.

Personal note: I find that the pulp is also dryer that with high speed. SO I would say there is more juice.

7) It comes with special containers, for the extracted pulp and the juice. It is a slow easy process. The contains all fit nicely under the juicer. It it very easy to see when they are full.

When these special containers are placed, they stay put! This is a wonderful attribute of this juicer.

Personal note: There is something very “relaxed” when using this juicer. I never felt that way with the fast speed. I juice more as a result.

Comparing the taste and quality

I find them comparable in taste,  although, The slow juicer tastes richer in flavor. Almost creamier.

And less foam make all the difference.

But I always enjoyed juice from the Juiceman Jr. Until I bought the Omega, and compared it.

So how do you choose?

Are you just beginning and not committed yet? I

f you are in the “I am just checking it out” phase, then a lower quality, and lower priced juicer, might be a great place to start.

They make great juice and are easy on the pocket book, which is important if you lose interest. I used this type of juicer for many years.

How often do you plan to juice?

If you are new to it, or juice very seldom, and want to try it out, The centrifugal is a an inexpensive way to start. But you could get turned off because they aren’t fun to use(I’m just sayin’).

If you already juice quit often, I would say, YOU WILL LOVE THIS JUICER!

Is counter space a problem?

This can be important. The horizontal Omega NC takes up more space and the centrifugal may be the best choice here.

Are you committed to juicing as part of your healthy lifestyle?

Will you still juice even if the preparation and cleanup takes time and effort? Do your weekly groceries include produce for this purpose?

Then the fast speed juicer can be a great choice on a bugged.

Is “cleanup” a big concern?

Does clean up and preparation have to be fast and easy? If it isn’t will be put away and collect dust?

The Omega wins here. Clean up is so easy. And no bledes to scub or cut yourself on.

The best juicer to buy is THE ONE YOU WILL USE.

What is your price range?

The centrifugal are definitely less expensive.

Is a warranty important?

I have used a few brands of fast peed juicers, and the warranties are about 1-2 years. The omega is 15 years!

Does it matter to you, if it is loud?

Ask yourself if you are sensitive to noise. If the answer is yes, The Omega is the choice.

Juicing is great!

Juice is a superfood in itself, packed with minerals vitamins and phyto-nutrients (essential plant components that keep our bodies well), in one glass!!!

The juice is easily assimilated because it is predigested. That is, it doesn’t need to be digested, just absorbed and there is little waste. It is such a healthy practice to add to your day!

I hope this blog helped you decide which juicer is best for you. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. I love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences, opinions and research. I am not a health practitioner. Always check with your Dr. or appropriate practitioner, when making any changes to your diet.

Always wishing you the best! Mary Keaton