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updated Oct, 2016

The “The Five Forces of Wellness” CD program by Mark Hyman

This transformational program on health giving nutrition and a balanced lifestyle, makes it easy to implement.

I discovered this life changing program several years ago, and was really blown away by it.

The information is easy to follow and Mark is very pleasant to listen to. This amazing 7 CD series, is a “must have” for the health conscious library.

Dr. Hyman eloquently explains that disease is not an inevitable part of life

Whether you are new to a holistic approach, or pursue it regularly, this information will be paramount in your life. There is so much we can do, and it doesn’t have to be difficult!

About Mark Hyman

He has been interviewed on the “today Show” and several other talk shows, as well.

He is known as an expert in the field of holistic health and is recognized as an authority. His approach to health is called “functional Medicine” and “ultraprevention”. He is internationally recognized.

I mention his credentials to let you know, this is NOT just another program by someone who is well read.

Mark has an amazing dedication, that shows. His integrity, knowledge, personal experience and recognition by others, proves this.

The “Five Forces of Wellness” can work for absolutely anyone if you apply it.

That’s my own personal opinion, but I believe it completely!

Marks shows how food – IS – medicine.

He has a gentle way of helping us understand the incredible value of good food, right nutrients and other methods of self care.

His exciting information will inspire and assist you, as you pursue a healthier lifestyle.

If you aren’t a beginner to the holistic approach, this program is packed full of information, ideas and a balanced approach. We all need inspiration.

I could almost guarantee, that you will learn more than you KNOW!

This isn’t just prevention, it is healthy way of life.

“The Five Forces of Wellness” is a lifestyle. A lifestyle, that can powerfully increase health, vitality, and so much more!

In this Cd program, you will learn

  • what’s best for YOUR body
  • about foods that support your body to THRIVE
  • about foods that sap your health
  • what supplements to take and why
  • why food is medicine

You will also learn wellness balance, beyond food.

This is an amazingly, comprehensive program.

Some goodies to look forward to

  • What kinds of vitamins you need and how much. This is often a big question
  • Whether your body does better with vigorous exercise or more gentle exercise
  •  You will learn about toxins: what they are, and how to get rid of them.

We all want Vibrant Health into old age, don’t we?

We want to thrive, not just get through the day.

We want a life, full of health, happiness, and a zest for life

It seldom comes naturally. Disease and depression are an epidemic!

The mainstream way of living is often a road to ill health, sickness and unfulfillment. .

In order to claim this, we have to take action.

Mark Hyman shows us another way

“The Five Forces of Wellness”, moves us beyond the “wistful desire” of a healthy life, and provides a road map to that goal.

It is based on the biology of our bodies, and backed up with studies and practice.

I hope this review sends you running to get this program!

This is truly one of my favorite programs. Get it – you’ll love it!  Don’t just take my word for it! Just click on the image above, and read reviews on Amazon.

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I always wish you the very best! Mary Keaton


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