Review Garden of LifeUpdated Oct, 2016

Garden of Life is by far, one of my favorite Superfood companies.

This company, is not only an extremely high quality company, it excels with innovation and variety.

Garden of Life,  provides an array of organic, whole food powders and supplements. Variety is crucial, because everyone has different needs and tastes. 

It was founded by a man that utilized the power of nature to heal himself. In fact, That is how I discovered this company, so many years ago.

How this amazing company was started

Garden of Life, was created by one of the leading authorities in holistic nutrition, Jordan Rubin. He is the founder of Garden of Life and has quit a story of his own.

An Overview

He was so sick, that death was imminent. He tried many modalities and practitioners, to no avail.

Garden of Life, an amazing superfood company

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In his book “Patient Heal Thyself”, he talks about his incredible journey to health. It didn’t seem possible that he could live through his illness.

Somehow, he never lost hope. He had his mother take a picture of him at his worst (shown on the cover), because he believed that he would live.

He wanted to show a “before” and “after” picture – from his deathbed to vibrant health!

After years of illness, he eventually got well, became a Naturopath and a family man. And, believe me, that is the very short version.

This book is not only moving, but informative and inspiring.

His health journey was based on Nature

He created Garden of Life, from his knowledge, experience and dedication to help others.

To me, his dedication to health, nutrition and premium quality products, is off the charts!

This company is also special, because it isn’t just a business for commerce. Jordan Rubin has been directly involved in creating Garden of Life products. Many companies cannot claim this.

Here is a short description of Garden of Life products

They carry a line of Raw and mostly Raw, wholefood powders and vitamin supplements. All the products contain the highest quality whole foods.

They do not contain fillers, chemicals or artificial flavorings. Everything in the supplement has a healthy purpose.

Some of my favorite products that I am never without

    • Raw Meal (click to read my review)– designed for an occasional meal replacement but that’s not all.. This high quality supplement can be used anytime as a nutritional supplement to enhance your daily diet. It is high in plant protein and micro-nutrition (a cornucopia of superfood nutrition).
    • Super Seed (click to read my review) this is a superfood fiber! Super Seed contains both soluble and insoluble fibers. But it also contains whole food nutrition! That is unheard of!
    • Perfect Food –(click to read my review) this is a vibrant and rich,  green powder combination. It enriches every cell of our body. It has such an array of nutritional whole foods, you can feel the difference. I know, I do.
Perfect Food green powder, by Garden of life, for vibrant health!

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JUST A NOTE: Another aspect I love about this company, is that they are still available in health food stores. SO many companies are not. To me, that validates the dedication to share these products with everyone.

This company is one of the main reasons I felt compelled to open this site, and share this information. Dr. Rubin’s dedication to health, nutrition and premium quality products, is a true find!

Don’t take my word for it – try them!

You may consider starting with Perfect Food (click to read my review) for an overall super supplement!

Garden of Life is truly, leading edge.

Leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you! Thanks for reading, Mary Keaton