This is my Honest Review of the Amazing Omega 800 NC Juicer!

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Why? Because I have owned one for about 3 years. I feel like it is the best juice extracting machine, around! I wonder how I ever juiced without it.

Juicing with the Omega, is quit leisurely.

I never felt that way when using a centrifugal juicer, for all those years. Fast speed juicers,  are very popular because they are less expensive, but I’ll never go back!

Hi, I am Mary Keaton, and this is a review, from my personal experience with the Omega NC800 cold Juicer. It is the easiest juicer I have ever used.  And, there are many other benefits as well.  

The Omega NC800, is a horizontal, slow, masticating juice extractor 

What is a slow masticating juicer?

The Omega slow juicer, revolves only 80 RPMS (revolutions per minute), which is slow, compared to 1400 RPMS of the centrifugal Juicers.

What are the benefits of a slower speed?

  • It produces less heat and colder juice
  • More nutrition is saved with lower heat. Enzymes and Vitamin C are very sensitive to heat.
  • More juice is obtained with the slower speed.

Personal Note: I do find this to be true. The pulp is dryer, than with the high speed juicer.


 To me, the juice tastes richer, in both, texture and flavor. And cold juice is so refreshing. I have been juicing a long time, and have never experienced “cold” juice. I thought warm juice, was “as good as it gets”.

Drinking fresh juice as quickly as possible, insures a higher nutritional value. But, sometimes, batches for the kids, or lemonade may be desired. This is the best juicer for those purposes.

The Omega NC800 doesn’t use blades!

The Omega juicer, is considered a MASICATING juicer, because it uses an auger. NO BLADES to clean, or cut yourself on!

It is like a slow drill, twisting and squeezing, the juice out, as it removes the pulp.

Ease of use

First, it is slow. The pulp is removed slowly so it doesn’t fly everywhere. Also, you have plenty of time to add your produce.

Personal note: I always felt like I was running a race I was losing, with the centrifugal! Pulp would fly onto the walls, and the container would overflow. I don’t know, maybe, it was just me, but I doubt it!

Second, the Omega comes with special containers for the juice, and the pulp. They are designed to fit snugly together, under the extracting juice and pulp. This makes it easy to see, and decreases the mess significantly.

When these special containers are placed, they stay put!

Third: The  assembly and disassembly is EASY!!!

Fourth, in my experience, it doesn’t clog as easily as the centrifugal juicers.


It is so quiet compared to the fast juicers or high powered blenders. It is astonishing! The noise can be a real deterrent for many of us.

 Personal note: Whenever I juiced with a centrifugal, which was for many years, I couldn’t wait to get it done. I would have to prepare myself for the loud noise. I could hardly wait to turn it off!

And generally, I didn’t want to turn it on! It was not easy or fun.

Easy to clean

Clean up is a snap. Just rinse as you remove each part, then place in soapy water. Rinse again, and viola!!! Done.

The mesh takes an extra 30 seconds to clean with the brush, that is included. Much easier than cleaning the blades of a fast juicer.


Lets talk about Foam. I thought foam was an absolute. Fast juicers create a lot of it!

Very little foam is produced with this juicer. Therefore, more drinkable juice!


This is a well built and sturdy juicer. It has a 15 year warranty! That is crazy! That shows, that they stand by there product.

Is the Omega NC good for all fruits and vegetables?

It will easily juice greens, and hard vegetables.

You can add softer fruits in-between the harder produce, but soft fruits alone, don’t juice as easily. They are so “juicy”, that it takes more time to go through the process.

PERSONAL NOTE: I use fruit with all my vegetable juices. Just add it in-between the other vegetables.

The price

This isn’t a cheap juicer, but considering the warranty,  it is well worth it. Check it out by clicking the image at the beginning of the blog. The shipping is free!

Here are some Tips

1) Do not force the produce through the feed. It needs time for the auger to do it’s magic. 

Gently nudge the produce with the pusher. It is considered a slow juicer, because it IS slower.

2)  Although, you can juice, all juicy, raw produce, it is best to add fruit, in-between the harder vegetables and greens. The fruit is so juicy, it tends to ride up the shoot.

3) This juicer is said to be the best Juicer, to increase shelf life (if kept cold). This is because it doesn’t produce much heat, and less nutrition in lost in the first place.

4) It is best to drink juice right away, because nutrients begin to dissipate quit quickly.

The Omega NC 800 is well built, easy to use, easy to clean, and a downright PLEASURE to use!

I never thought I could say that about a juicer!

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I wish you the best! Mary

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Disclaimer: These are my personal experiences, opinions and research. I am not a health practitioner. Always check with your Dr. or appropriate practitioner, when making any changes to your diet.


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