updated Sept 2016

Welcome to Nutritional Supers!

Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine, said:

“Let food be your medicine”.

Where did that “code” go?

It seems to be all but forgotten, in our modern society.

Hello, my name is Mary Keaton.

I have started this site to talk about a vitally important topic:

~ Our Good Health! ~

My Mission Statement

This website is dedicated to helping you discover the amazing world of Super-Nutrition for Vibrant Health and Well Being.

It is my goal to share this information with people that are interested in taking charge to improve their health.

Also, I hope to save you some time with you own search, in the maze of nutritional information. I was in “the maze” for a long time.  My body has, basically, been a laboratory! 

This isn’t about one diet.

I feel that the information I am sharing can be added to any dietary plan.  


I worked as a Nurse for a long time. I also overlapped a career as a massage therapist and body worker, for several years. In fact, I still am a body worker.

These professions have shown me that, health is the primary concern in the life of most people.

Why does it often take a catastrophe, to begin a healthier lifestyle?

When health is compromised, all life’s concerns stop, and health becomes paramount.

‘My personal experience with Superfoods, and self-study of nutrition, has overflowed into this site.’

I have learned much on the subject through books, lectures, personal experience and experimentation.

I am not an expert with a degree, you need to know that going in.

What I do have, is a passion to share.

I also look forward to your input, as your journey progresses. I know I can learn a lot from you.  

Why Superfoods?

Superfoods are whole-foods that contain densely packed nutrients in small amounts.

This is critically important in a day of processed and “ruined” food. The food is so ruined, in fact, the body has trouble recognizing it AS food!

I talk about many Superfood supplements, because I use them and see a difference. 

I will also be talking about much more that superfoods as the blog progresses.


My own health, has been a profound journey

Without going into grueling detail, I was sickly for several years. During this time I learned a lot about cleansing, juicing, supplements and stress management.
I guess necessity really is the best teacher!

I used these GIFTS of Nature to help improve my health and still do.

Although, I had an interest in vitamins and herbs early on, I didn’t think it was much more than interesting reading.

That interest became a foundation when I needed it.

‘As passionate as I am about Superfoods and improving health —I know how hard it can be! Making changes isn’t always easy’


The key isn’t to become obsessed, and lock ourselves into a specific health practice. It is too easy to become bored. 

We want to have fun with it!


Becoming  conscious of our diet and our attitude toward it, can be very loving and empowering.

 So, start slow, and have fun!

Start here

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Try a Superfood combination powder, in the morning or as a wholesome snack, in between meals. Blend with fruits and/or vegetables.

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SO, welcome!  Get started with my started blog The easy way to add SuperFoods to your life.

I will have an email sign up within a couple of months. SO come back and say hello!

I always wish you the very best! Mary Keaton

Disclaimer: Always check with your Dr. before making any dietary changes.