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Hello, I’m Mary Keaton and Welcome to Nutritional Supers!Superfoods by Mary Keaton 

Self care seems to be the last thing on most people’s “to do” list. I would like to INSPIRE you to change that!
If you are here on this site right now, it must be very important  to you.

I’d like to congratulate you on that!I
It is great connecting with other nutrition and health enthusiast.

Why Nutritional Supers?

The one facet of heath practice, that seems to be last on the list, is  FOOD. Yet it is FUNDAMENTAL to vibrant health

Food can play a huge role in the following.

  1. Irritability (this has gotten out of hand).
  2. Daily fatigue even with adequate sleep
  3. Not feeling well, without specific symptoms
  4. Skin issues, low energy and aging at warp speed
  5. Aches and pains 

Those are just a few. Here are some others.

  1. Premature aging of the skin and joints
  2. Weight gain (which has become epidemic) 
  3. Body and joint pain, and not because of exercise
  4. Frequent colds or flu
  5. Poor concentration and focus, How can we pursue dreams and goals without focus?
  6. Depression has also become an epidemic
  7. Diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses

Micro-nutrition, may very well be called, Protective Nutrition!

My Credo

Health occurs at a cellular level. This one fact has been lost in the mainstream lifestyle.

Nourishing your body cells with green foods and superfoods,  along with a healthy lifestyle, can profoundly assist continued health and vitality.

Good Nutrition is fundamental to continued good health.

And, any healing practice we engage in, needs a well nourished body. 

The body can only utilize nutrients that are available to it, and it needs a variety on a daily basis.

A diet high in micro-nutrients, is critical for vitality and health!

are protective nourishment on steroids!

These are whole foods, that have all the nutrients that Nature endowed them with. Lets face it, Nature knows what we need, much better than we do.

One of my favorites is Perfect food by Garden of Life. (click link to read my blog)

Start there. Start somewhere. 

Superfood powders containing fruits, vegetables, micro-algae, sprouts and more, are truly a gift, 

  CHOOSING to be CONSCIOUSLY involved in our own good health,
is empowering in every area of life!

Feel free to leave a comment below. Let me know what brought you to this site. Let’s get healthier together!

I wish you the very best! Mary Keaton

Disclaimer: I am NOT a health-care professional (please see my “About” page). ALWAYS check with your Dr. before embarking on a new diet or supplemental program.


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